nice to meet you!
i'm joanne, a designer based in the bay area

places i exist on the internet

joanne cho

a lil about me

i'm a pisces (iykyk) so i really value the compassion and empathy that comes with design thinking. i love collaborating with teams to help make people's lives easier through thoughtful design!

my interests include writing extremely honest yelp reviews, getting boba with 25% sugar & less ice, doing way too much online shopping, and trying not to demote on valorant LOL

when i'm not scrolling tiktok, you can find me going to concerts, playing golf, obsessing over how cute peach and mochi are, or planning my next trip to korea check out my korea vlog! ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

recent concerts — coachella, twice, taylor swift, head in the clouds, blackpink !!

fave k-dramas — the good bad mother, youth of may, hometown cha cha cha, 20th century girl, 25 21, another oh hae young, hotel del luna, business proposal, boys over flowers (lol), and so many more tbh